• Stadium Group Acquires Cable Power

    Reading, UK, 12 January 2017 – Stadium Group announced today that it has acquired the assets of Colchester-based Cable Power Ltd, a leading provider of electronic, power and single board computing solutions. The deal follows a sequence of focused acquisitions by the company as it pursues a growth strategy in niche complementary technologies.

    Charlie Peppiatt, CEO of Stadium Group Plc commented: “The acquisition of Cable Power Ltd brings complementary bolt-on supply chain products to our portfolio that enhance our offering, primarily in the power products space. There is a great deal of synergy between the product portfolios of our power division Stadium Stontronics and Cable Power, and we work with many of the same customers in the global electronics distribution sector including RS Components, Rapid Electronics, Farnell, CPC and Raspberry Pi.”

    “The deal supports our strategy to build a leading design-led electronic technology solutions group with a portfolio of value-adding complementary products and integration capabilities, supported from a global footprint to simplify the supply chain and reduce time to market for our customers.”

    Cable Power will join Stadium’s Power division Stadium Stontronics, based at the Group’s Regional Fulfilment Centre (RFC) in Reading, UK.

    James Downes, Managing Director of Cable Power added: “Stadium Stontronics’ extensive range of power products, strong supplier network and established distribution partnerships complements the Cable Power offering, meaning we can deliver synergies, economies of scale and a much stronger proposition to our mutual customers. I am delighted to bring Cable Power to Stadium Group and I look forward to working with the team.”

    For more information visit /

  • Stadium Stontronics adds new range of medical and ITE approved plug-top power supplies to its plug & go line-up

    Medical Power Supplies

    Stadium Stontronics announced today that it has added a new range of medical and ITE plug-top power supplies to its market leading “plug & go” range. These products meet the latest no-load power and average efficiency requirements for both Level VI and CoC Ver 5 tier 2. No Load Standby Power is =< 0.075W.

    The product range consists of 6W, 18W and 24W with 5VDC, 9VDC and 12VDC output models available as standard with other custom voltages between 4.2 - 52VDC available on request. The units are “plug & go” which means that each power supply is supplied with interchangeable AC heads making it suitable for major global medical markets in the USA, UK, EU, Australia and Asia.  This saves the equipment manufacturer from needing multiple power supplies when shipping to global markets. A fixed AC head product is available for OEM customers looking to target specific international markets.

    The compact case size reduces the customers’ packaging size and also occupies less space when in use.

    The standard product has a 2.1mm DC output connector with customer specified connectors supplied from Stadium Stontronics’ UK-based Regional Fulfilment Centre (RFC) located on the M4 corridor near Heathrow, London.

    Designed for use in medical equipment the product has low leakage current =< 100uA, 2 x MOPP input to output isolation and is suitable for BF applications.

  • Stontronics updates its plug-top and desktop power supplies to meet Level VI efficiency

    Level VI Desktop UnitStadium Stontronics announced today that it has updated its extensive range of mains-powered plug-top and desktop power supplies to comply with the latest Level VI no-load power and average efficiency requirements.

    Approved to information technology equipment (ITE) and medical standards, products are available from stock in a range of mechanical form factors including:

    plug-tops with fixed AC heads for the UK, USA, EU, and Australia; and plug & go products that have interchangeable AC heads for global markets.  USB outputs or other DC output connectors are all available.

    The updated range includes desktop power supplies with common inlets such as C8 or C14 (kettle) AC inlets and 2.1/2.5mm DC output plugs or customer-specified connectors fitted to order. Installation power supplies with mounting flanges for wall or chassis mounting up to 60W are also in the range, targeted at CCTV or other Industrial applications.

    In addition to this existing range, updated to meet Level VI, a new series of plug & go medical power supplies approved to Medical UL60601 safety standards will be released in November 2016. All products comply with the European ErP requirements and are CE Marked with ITE and/or medical approval where applicable.

    Universal inputs (90 – 264VAC) are standard across the  range , with output voltages between 5V and 48V and global safety approvals.

    As well as being a leader in high efficiency, high power density conversion technology, what differentiates Stadium Stontronics from other suppliers is that the product range is stocked in depth at its regional fulfilment centre (RFC) on the M4 corridor near Heathrow, UK, ready for same day shipment, globally. Stocking and Inventory management programs are also available.

    The RFC offers additional value added services to support customers wanting modified products to simplify integration into their equipment designs or to differentiate their end product from competitors. Typical requests are connector changes, laser engraving or custom case moulding, unique packaging or labelling, kitting with ancillary items or assembly/wiring into cabinets or enclosures.

    Products are also available from Stadium’s authorised distribution partners:  RS Components, Allied Electronics, Farnell, Newark, CPC and Rapid Electronics.


  • Q&A with Martin Brabham

    Martin Brabham - Managing Director Martin Brabham - Managing Director

    Martin Brabham was appointed Managing Director of Stadium Stontronics in June 2016, heading up Stadium Group’s global power business. Martin joined Stadium from XP Power and has over 25 years’ experience in the electronics industry in the defence, healthcare, communications and industrial sectors.

    We take the opportunity to ask 5 key questions on why he joined Stadium, what’s new in the business and what the future holds.

    Why Stadium Stontronics?

    I felt that it was a very exciting time to join Stadium Group, having followed the transition with interest from a predominantly plastics and then EMS business, to a design-led provider of integrated electronic technologies. I must admit to being impressed by its strong British heritage, as it over a 100 years old with a totally unique value proposition consisting of technology in the power, wireless and HMI space. I was also impressed by the world class manufacturing backed up by truly excellent service, support and logistics.

    ​In terms of the power business (now integrated as Stadium Stontronics) we have some great things going on and enormous potential to expand the business.  Our customers engage with UK and/or Asia design teams that are experts in their field. We have a factory here in the UK that can build low to medium volume power supplies including prototypes with a high-quality power test facility, and a wholly owned factory in Dongguan, China for medium to high volume manufacture. We also have regional fulfilment centres in Reading, UK and Hong Kong to deliver global logistics and fulfilment services.

    The overall strength of this customer offering and the potential for growth really impressed me and although it’s still early days in the journey I am excited to be able to play a part in the company’s next 100 years of innovation

    What do you see as the latest technology challenges in Power?

    If you look outside of power there’s lots of things happening in the environment with an emphasis on using less energy. That’s created a lot of changes in the industry and new legislation and demands that we have to keep up with for example Level VI and ErP directive. In many cases its good news for us as it’s brought us new customers especially in Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) in homes and offices.

    We have been designing standard products for this market with very high efficiencies across the whole load range. We have a lot of new products on the roadmap right now that we will bring to market in the next 6 – 12 months but the technical themes that keep coming through are small size and low profile,  high efficiency under varied conditions and of course with low cost and high quality.

    Tell us about recent changes and improvements to the business.

    Stadium Power and Stontronics had been working together successfully side by side following the acquisition of Stontronics by Stadium Group plc in 2015. Both businesses had their own strengths – Stontronics having a solid standard product portfolio and distribution network in place and Stadium Power having over 30 years design experience in custom power supplies and a dedicated R&D centre for power product development. Integrating two business’s always has some concerns, would we see clashes in culture or resistance but I am happy to say that since the birth of Stadium Stontronics the sum of the parts is really greater than the whole. We have many examples where employees from both companies have collaborated on projects have helped deliver even better value products and services to our customers.

    We are also making some key improvements to our site in Reading including the expansion of our facility capacity up to 550 pallet locations by the end of 2016 with plans to reach >1,000 pallet locations by the end of Q1.2017. We are also taking up additional space in the unit adjacent to our site, which has enabled us to create more capacity for Value Added Services.

    Our UK manufacturing facility in the North of England upgraded the power division’s UK test facilities this year with a stand-alone space, state of the art equipment and a dedicated team of test engineers to ensure critical test procedures are carried out separately and securely away from the by wider manufacturing operations.

    What does the future hold for Stadium Stontronics?

    We have seen a lot of interest from customer post-Brexit as coincidentally at the same time we were already expanding our UK based power supply manufacturing capability in Hartlepool. So this enables us to be even more competitive in our UK manufactured products while still giving customers direct access to our own to wholly owned Asian manufacturing in Dongguan, China.

    We have also had a lot of interest in our ability to go beyond the power supply alone and a lot of customers have enhanced our ability to provide kitted solutions which include power supplies, cables and other ancillary items in custom packaging which are labelled and ready for shipment.

    We have also begun to work closely with the other sister technology companies in Stadium Group plc to offer a more complete range of solutions to our customers including Wireless and HMI solutions with their Power supply. This has been very well received so far. In fact I challenge you to think of any piece of modern electronics that doesn’t need at least two of our technologies.

    And finally… tell us a bit about yourself.

    OK as you asked, I have recently bought a motor Scooter and have done several trips with my friends in the UK, we are now planning a longer one to the Netherlands.  On the last trip we met some lifelong scooter fanatics and one of them was excited to show me that he was still riding with his Stadium brand Helmet and Goggles manufactured circa. 1969.

    I am also the father of two children 8 and 12 years old which means I am generally trying to keep up with them at the weekends!

  • Stadium Stontronics extends 60W AC-DC power supply range and adds new battery backup units

    Stadium Stontronics announced today that its SA60 AC-DC open frame power supply family has been extended to include two new 13.8VDC and 27.6VDC standard output units, and two new 13.8VDC and 27VDC small battery charger (SBC) units.

    The SA60 unit delivers up to 60W at 50°C across the full input range of 90 – 264VAC. These units are typically rated at 85% efficiency and are CE marked and UL approved for ITE applications. They comply with a wide range of international standards such as EN61000-3-2 PFC Class A, EN55022 Level B (conducted) and Level A (radiated). The products are designed to have <0.5W no-load standby power to enable system designers to reduce energy consumption and meet global standards. The SA60 is packaged in an industry standard 2” x 4” package (50.84mm x 101.6mm x 29mm). The SA60 range now includes 5V versions, rated at 40W, 12V, 13.8V, 24V, 27.6V, and 32V, in addition to 48V output versions that deliver 60W.

    Two new battery charger versions of the original SA60 platform, SBC60-27V6 and SBC60-13V8, have been added to the range to enable designers to easily implement a battery backup system within their host equipment design. These units, known as small battery chargers, have been extended in length (to 152.4mm) to accommodate additional battery charging circuitry and features such as a deep discharge relay, reverse battery protection, and a mains fail signal. Status LEDs for mains and battery modes are fitted to provide on-board indication, and an additional header is provided to facilitate the connection of further external LEDs for panel mounting if required.

    All units include over-voltage protection, over-current protection, non-latching thermal protection, and an optional temperature compensation feature via an external thermistor.

    The products were designed to allow customers to easily, and cost effectively, add a battery-backed function to their system to reduce overall system costs and time to market. Target markets are security, surveillance, CCTV and access control.

  • Stadium group integrates power business



    Reading, UK, 25 July, 2016 – Stadium Group, a leading supplier of wireless solutions, power supplies and electronics assemblies, has integrated its global power business, comprising the Stadium Power and Stontronics brands.

    The single trading entity Stadium Stontronics will give customers access to a wider product range in standard, custom and semi-custom power supplies with an enhanced portfolio up to 10kW, dedicated sales and service provided from the Regional Fulfillment Centres (RFCs) in Reading, UK and Hong Kong, and engineering expertise provided through the Regional Design Centres (RDCs) in Norwich and Shanghai.

    Enhanced services including kitting, labeling, PCB assembly and turnkey manufacturing will be provided from the Stadium Group sites in the UK and Asia.

    Products from the integrated business are now available through the former Stontronics distribution network, which includes Electrocomponents (RS, Allied), Element 14 (Farnell, Newark, CPC) and Rapid Electronics.

    Stadium is an AIM listed British company with more than 100 years of UK design and manufacturing heritage, and today delivers integrated electronic technologies to OEMs worldwide. Power is a leading growth area for the business and has been subject to key investment in recent years with the opening of a dedicated R&D facility in Norwich in 2014, the bolt-on acquisition of Stontronics in August 2015 and the upgrade of the power supply manufacturing capability in Hartlepool, which complements the wholly owned facility in China.

    Martin Brabham, Managing Director for Stadium’s global power business, commented: “The integration of the power business completes the next stage in our growth plan and supports the wider integrated technology model of the group where benefits are already being realised. Several Stadium Stontronics customers are now accessing Stadium’s design capabilities in wireless M2M communication and HMI and we expect this approach to continue to deliver strong benefits including shared knowledge, access to niche technology, economies of scale and synergies in design, manufacturing and fulfillment.”

  • Stontronics sign exclusive UK distribution deal with Pairui!

    Stontronics sign exclusive UK distribution deal with Pairui, a leading provider of flexible, cost effective LED drivers for solid state lighting applications

    Stontronics, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of power products, has signed an exclusive UK distribution deal with Pairui to offer an upgraded, low cost LED driver range that comes with power factor correction, dual CC/CV mode and dimming as standard. This unique line includes 6 to 75W solutions for indoor lighting, and 18 to 200W for outdoor lighting applications.

    All products are designed for safety based on UL879, UL1310, UL8750, EN61347, TUV safety standards. Power factor correction, dual CC/CV mode and dimming also come as standard options for the range.

    Pairui has over 27 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing a wide range of power supplies and has grown to become a recognised name in the global power supplies and magnetic components markets. They are a vertically integrated company with two dedicated power supply manufacturing facilities in China that are accredited to ISO9001 and ISO14001.

    Pairui LED drivers for solid state lighting applications are available exclusively in the UK from Stontronics and offer comparable high quality and high reliability products with industry-leading five-year product warranties. Typical applications include point of sale equipment, gaming and LED lighting.

    For more information on our Pairui LED driver range please click here to visit the Stontronics website or speak to our sales team on +44 (0)118 931 1199.

  • Stadium Group manufactures dedicated power supply for new Raspberry Pi 3

    Stontronics, a fully owned subsidiary of Stadium Group, has announced availability of the only official power supply for the new Raspberry Pi 3 credit-card-sized single-board computer from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The approved external power supply is now available to customers globally through key distributors of Raspberry Pi products; RS Components and Farnell.

    The new power supply has been specifically designed for the launch of the third-generation Raspberry Pi board, as it requires more power – approximately 2.5A – to support the new Broadcom BCM2837 processor chipset that powers the Raspberry Pi 3. The Broadcom chipset comprises a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 based processor running at 1.2GHZ, together with integrated short-range connectivity including 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN and dual-mode Bluetooth 4.1 Classic and Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy) profiles.

    As sole manufacturer of the officially approved Raspberry Pi 3 power supply, Stontronics has designed the new power supply to meet the updated and expanded US Department of Energy (DoE) Level VI Energy Efficiency requirements, which became effective last month. The new DoE standard mandates more stringent energy efficiency levels for a greater number of external power supply types. According to DoE estimates, these new requirements will save consumers up to $3.8 billion and cut emissions by nearly 47 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide over 30 years, which is equivalent to the annual electricity use of 6.5 million homes.

    Charlie Peppiatt, Chief Executive Officer of Stadium, commented: “The Raspberry Pi Foundation chose Stadium as the only approved manufacturer of the power supply because of Stontronics’ expertise in semi-custom design and ability to handle all required third-party approvals to deliver a fully approved Raspberry Pi branded product.”

    Gordon Hollingworth, Director of Engineering at the Raspberry Pi Foundation commented: “In addition to the Company’s experience and strong credentials as a power supply vendor and designer, Stontronics also had existing relationships with RS Components and Farnell. This is an important aspect, as both companies are key to the Raspberry Pi distribution strategy and are on the strictly-limited list of official distributors of the Raspberry Pi platform.”

    Available in black or white, both colour variants (T5875DV / T5989DV-RS) of the new Raspberry Pi 3 power supply are available to buy via RS Components and Farnell.

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  • Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2016

    The time has finally come for this year’s Southern Manufacturing & Electronics exhibition! The event will be taking place on Thursday 11th February 2016. Stop by stand H56 to meet our team of experienced professionals and test out some of our fantastic range of product's.

    How to get to the venue:

    BY ROAD:
    From the M3 take junction 4 and follow the A331 to Farnborough. The Show will be clearly AA signposted on all roads approaching the venue. CAR PARKING IS PLENTIFUL and FREE.

    BY RAIL:
    Farnborough North Camp is the nearest station but Farnborough Main and Aldershot stations are also close by. For train timetable information call National Rail Enquiries on 0845 7484950. A complimentary coach shuttle service will operate from both North Camp and Farnborough Main stations.

    BY AIR:
    Farnborough Airport is operated by TAG Aviation and, as airport operators, can accommodate arrivals by fixed wing aircraft.

    It's not too late to register. Head over to their official website Here

    To find out more information about our product ranges why not visit our website or call our sales team today on 0118 931 1199 



  • Chinese New Year 2016 Update

    We would like to make all of our customers aware that Chinese New Year will be taking place from the beginning of February 2016. This means that some of our products with longer lead times will begin to be effected from the end of this month. If you currently order a product from us that you’re concerned may be affected by this please contact our sales team as soon as possible to avoid any disruption.

    Although Stontronics always try to ensure we have plenty of our most popular products in stock during this time our stock levels do often fluctuate dramatically and it is best to place orders before the end of November for stock you will require in the 1st quarter of next year.

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