Easily manage connectivity for installing multiple devices with cables hidden by walls, floors or furniture.

The Active HDMI Cable range is designed for easy installation over long distances. Featuring our market-leading Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection to maintain the integrity of the signal, this innovative range also features a built-in active chipset in the head shell to boost the signal and ensure superior performance. Fully supports 4K*2K and 3D.

Product Details

Part NumberConnector Type AConnector Type BLength (M)ColourWhere to buy
Active-10mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug10SilverView distributors
Active-15mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug15SilverView distributors
Active-20mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug20SilverView distributors
Active-25mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug25SilverView distributors
Active-30mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug30SilverView distributors
ActiveBlue-10mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug10BlueView distributors
ActiveBlue-15mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug15BlueView distributors
ActiveBlue-20mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug20BlueView distributors
ActiveBlue-25mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug25BlueView distributors
ActiveBlue-30mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug30BlueView distributors
ActiveGreen-10mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug10GreenView distributors
ActiveGreen-15mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug15GreenView distributors
ActiveGreen-20mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug20GreenView distributors
ActiveGreen-25mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug25GreenView distributors
ActiveGreen-30mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug30GreenView distributors
ActiveRed-10mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug10RedView distributors
ActiveRed-15mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug15RedView distributors
ActiveRed-20mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug20RedView distributors
ActiveRed-25mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug25RedView distributors
ActiveRed-30mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug30RedView distributors