• HDMI 2.0 – 2160P
  • Available Lengths – 0.5M to 7.5M
  • 24K Gold Connectors
  • 30AWG – OD 6mm

Product Details

Part NumberConnector Type AConnector Type BLength (M)ColourWhere to buy
CPHD2V005-2mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug2ZincView distributors
CPHD2V005-1.5mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug1.5ZincView distributors
CPHD2V005-1mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug1ZincView distributors
CPHD2V005-10mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug10ZincView distributors
CPHD2V005-0.5mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug0.5ZincView distributors
CPHD2V005-15mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug15ZincView distributors
CPHD2V005-3mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug3ZincView distributors
CPHD2V005-7.5mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug7.5ZincView distributors
CPHD2V005-6mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug6ZincView distributors
CPHD2V005-4mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug4ZincView distributors
CPHD2V005-5mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug5ZincView distributors