The Custom Install HDMI Cable is specifically de-signed for easy installation, with a sleek aluminium head shell and white cable jacket. With a connector over 70% shorter than standard HDMI cables, it enables super slim TVs or displays to sit flush with the wall. Guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding of HDMI devices, and its low profile design allows a simple install whilst achieving highest levels of reliability.

• Available lengths: 0.5m to 15m
• Supports 3D, 4k*2k, 10.2Gpbs, 2160P and XV colour
• Shortest headshell possible, to ensure easy installation
• For 10m and 15m the active chipset boosts the signal to maintain superior perform-ance
• Aluminium Headshell
• Supports all HDMI devices
• Triple shielded to completely reject inter-ference
• Easy to install due to its tiny size
• Latest version 1.4b – Full 3D
• Supports Audio Return Channel

Product Details

Part NumberConnector Type AConnector Type BLength (M)ColourWhere to buy
CPAL001-1mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug1WhiteView distributors
CPAL001-0.5mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug0.5WhiteView distributors
CPAL001-2mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug2WhiteView distributors
CPAL001-3mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug3WhiteView distributors
CPAL001-5mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug5WhiteView distributors
CPAL001-1.5mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug1.5WhiteView distributors
CPAL001-7.5mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug7.5WhiteView distributors
CPAL001-15mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug15WhiteView distributors
CPAL001-10mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug10WhiteView distributors
CPAL001-4mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug4WhiteView distributors
CPAL001-6mHDMI PlugHDMI Plug6WhiteView distributors